Imfusio's tranformation experts establish every practice coming from its expertise to serve your objectives

A position that combines advices, facilitation and coaching

To support the collective AND individual transformation.

To handle the following challenges:

Growth management, agile culture development, innovation and risk management, support for the digital integration, strategic plan, change management, succession plan, co-design, ability development, team consolidation, etc.

What do our interventions have in common :

Your urgent desire or need to "do differently" and to generate an impact.

What we design for you :

A diagnostic of your business' culture

with Sometrics, to :

  • visualize, globally and team by team, the impact of your culture on your performances.
  • identify some personalized solutions to roll out.

Team's off sites

management teams or larger teams' meetings, in a collective intelligence mode for the participants to have a shared vision.

Individual and team coaching time

to support the leaders on their positions, to generate awareness and to reach a individual and collective harmonization.


to equip the managers in a collective intelligence mode.

What we develop with you :

Experiment workshops

To test the techniques, to expand your toolbox, to share life situations, to share your expertise, to develop responsible leadership skills.

Training workshops

To acquire a facilitator-manager posture and to develop a shared leadership culture.

Co-design and co-faciliation Off and On site

(Lac-à-l’épaule, team meetings) - Working groups' customized support to develop adapted habits and faciliation's abilities.

Learning expeditions

For the chosen mindset to internally spread and for the innovation's creation. A 2 to 5-day trip outside the business enabling openness and inspiration, as well as ideas of research projects based on the strategic goals' realization.
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What you become and do without us :

You become agile and grow in a formal and informal continuous improvement.


You occassionally ask us

more in a watch spirit than alertness.