An established and proven model

The Labo-Proto-Transfo model originates from our beleifs and it had convinced our peers and the businesses who exeperienced it of its effetiveness. Labo-Proto-Transfo is also :

  • A model recognized as a “managerial innovation” by the France's Ministery of Research and Higher Education , who noticed in 2013 that :

    Imfusio's development of theories and methods fall within a research work leading up to an organizational organisation.

  • A Research Tax Credit every year since 2010.
  • An INPI deposit in 2013.
  • Sustainable impacts thanks to the "pioneering companies" collaboration, in different fields : > Leroy Merlin France, > AccorHotels, > CNES …

Emerging concepts, inspiration

  • Management innovation by Mol, Hamel and Birkinshaw,
  • Diffusion of innovations by Everett Rogers,
  • The Tipping Point by Gladwell,
  • Theory U by Otto Scharmer, Boston's MIT researcher,
  • Community-ship, Henri Mintzberg

In Montreal, we work for and with :

  • Fondaction's Investment module
  • Some Desjardins' divisions
  • Askida
  • Olympic Parc
  • Montreal's Espace pour la vie
  • Nonprofits
  • Professionnal Orders