Labo-Proto-Transfo® , our innovative model for positive business transformation, is the result of five long years of R & D.

Unlike traditional methods of business transformation, Labo-Proto-Transfo centres on managerial innovation and encourages an organic process that evolves naturally through individual contribution.

The 3 main stages of transformation with Imfusio:



Imfusio helps set up groups of volunteers in order to experiment with new ideas and practices.



Having familiarised themselves with these new practices and positions, the volunteers start to disseminate them within their environment.


The new reality

During the diffusion, the whole organisation adopts these new practices and positions. A new culture is born!

It is a colossal endeavor to trace the most intuitive path for others.

— Jean-Marie Dru, in Jet Lag


To mobilize in the right way

  • Management culture diagnostic with Sometrics : to analyze the impact of the culture on your performances
  • Stakeholders' consultations
  • Formations : getting well-prepared expecting complexity
  • Strategic support plan


To internalize practices

  • The (ma) : a managerial experiment workshop to (self) practice, and to practice differently.
  • Formations : to establish a culture of shared leadership
  • Meetings' facilitation
  • Leaders and teamworkers' tips and coaching
  • Learning expeditions : a fast forward ideation process to assimilate the new working methods


To do it yourself

  • Live or distance coaching
  • Tips : one-off intervention
  • Open space for you and for us : mutual sharing about future challenges


This progressive, natural and non-coercive transformation has many benefits:

For the employees and the teams :

  • Sence of belonging
  • Commitment
  • Ability to take the initiative
  • Enjoyable work
  • Shared responsabilities

For the organization :

  • New managerial culture
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Creation of sustainable value
  • Economic and social success

For all the parties involved :

Spreading !
You will represent a business that has responsability at the heart of its actions and that knows how to support its different actors while pushing forward the operations. You will also be aknowledged as a pioneer in your field!

Customers and prospects see you as an open, innovative business. One that is able to take a step back and look at your organisation to ensure that you are working together in a meaningful, progressive manner.