A veritable laboratory for our clients and our teams, we contantly adjust the way Imfusio works in order to align our own daily life with our clients’ experience. Our flagship values: trust and pleasure.

We’ve chosen self-government

At Imfusio, leadership is shared. There is no hierarchical management in the classic sense of the term.
We make decisions according to a method called holacracy.

Holacracy is an organizational governance based on the collective intelligence aproach.

Commitment to transparency

All company information is accessible, shared and explained internally, including financial reports and salaries.

We also share the distribution and use of our turnover with our customers.

Shared management and shared interests

We believe in personal responsibility and we trust that everyone wants to give the best of themselves. In January 2017, in line with this policy and in the interests of full employee transparency, we made a radical move forward: each Imfusian decides "in conscience" what his or her own remuneration should be.

Inspired by Buffer, SEMCO and HANNO, we make the time to talk regularly (in small groups and as a whole) to help one another with this process. Prioritising this time for consultation and peer feedback helps this system run smoothly.

There is just one right of veto: it can be used if one or more people believe that a salary demand puts the future of the business in danger.

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