Since 2005 Imfusio has been managing transformation strategies by mobilising different employee communities to ensure commitment, impact and sustainability.

Imfusio or the art of incorporating ourselves in a corporate culture

  • To understand better its practices.
  • To create favourable conditions for listening, talking and generate values.
    Employees and managers can themselves rethink the operational modes and to broadcast them to grow together.

Imfusio or the art to transform from within supported by the business' experts : the former employees.

Diversty as a performance leverage

Using diveristy as a performance leverage, every support is made with trust and pleasure and aim at making the organisations and their teams more authentic and aware of their potential.

The Corporate Hackers Movement

In 2016, for the transformation to be operated from the inside, we created the open movement of Corporate Hackers. Its objective is to connect and empower everyone in the workplace, whatever their level (collaborators, leaders, managers) in order to use meaning and human beings to change the organizations.

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