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Social epidemics are triggered by the actions of a group of people who stand out from the crowd due to their sociability, their energy, their knowledge or their influence.

— Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point talking about the "triggers", which represent the contamination's originators.

Imfusio's (ma) is all about positive contamination !

The formulas


1 team
A maximum of 15 people

Commitment of
a minimum of 4 (ma)s

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  • For a team or a working group with a maximum of 15 people coming from the same business, multi-level or not.
  • An automatic reservation of a minimum of 3 places to every (ma).
  • A subscription for the Club de lecture Affaires included.

Solo +

Self-employed worker or professionnal + 1 guest

Commitment of
a minimum of 4 (ma)s

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  • For a slef-employed worker or a professionnal who don't want to attend under their business name.
  • An automatic reservation of a minimum of 2 places to every (ma).
  • A possible guest to every (ma) or every 3 (ma)s. Possibility to create a pair of participants for the year.

Trio +

Professionnal order, nonprofit or pratice community.
Access to 4 (ma)s
Teams of 6 people
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  • For every group of 6 professionnals coming from an order, a nonprofit or an informal practice community.
  • An automatic reservation of a minimum of 3 places to every (ma).

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Agreement number : 0058979

A (ma)

  • Every 14 of the month (if the 14th is on a week-end, we meet the following Monday !)
  • Varied modes : breakfast and chat, lunch, happy hour, etc.
  • Every (ma) starts at the time written in the event with the people in attendance.
  • In a refreshed easy-to-reach location each time !
    For every last minute cancellation until the eve of the (ma) you can give away your place to a student or a person searching for a job.

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