(ma) is a quality off-site for the professionnals who wants to take up a challenge with fun and excellence.

 No unproductive strolling, but usefull handiwork time.

said Bill Gore who was imposing as of 1960 to its colleagues an off half-day per week.

Without looking like it, it's a concept that allows to :

  • provide a teaching experience and
  • to go back to work with the right tools to act with impact

It starts in Montreal !

  • Thanks to a creative and agile business community!
  • That is working on the digital revolution, the succession plan and the growth management plan.
  • With a true will to think, to do and to act differently!

The (ma) : a quality space for the professionnals in the urge to innovate!

For executives, senior advisors, managers, employees, self-employed workers, students.


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